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Incident Reporting Book

Product Code DS94


Following the success of our Door Supervisor Incident book we have developed a new book for pubs / clubs that either don't have door supervisors or only have them a couple of nights a week.

The A5 sized book has 50 sequentially numbered double sided printed pages, securely bound and a bright yellow cover to assist with finding it when it's needed!

One page (both sides) covers one incident and allows you to record:

Date of Incident

Time of Incident

Manager on Duty

Staff Involved

Customers Involved


Police called Yes/No and names and numbers

Door Supervisor Support Called Yes/No

What Happened

Action Taken

Person Deciding the Action

Incident Details Completed By, Print name and sign

On the inside front cover are some important points to remember when completing the form, such as keeping it factual and to the point and not writing any offensive, personal or rude comments.

It's a great way of keeping duty managers, bar staff and door supervisors up to date with what has happened, that they need to know about since they last worked. Just get everyone to check the book before their shift starts and you should ensure that barred customers are never served by mistake again!

It is also a great way of showing the  local licensing enforcement and police that the management are doing all they can to keep important and accurate records.

Price £6.66 ex. VAT

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  • Incident Reporting Book
  • Incident Reporting Book
  • Incident Reporting Book
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