Holdfast Limb Restraints with MOLLE Pouch

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The holdfast limb restraint is designed to reduce the inherent dangers that come with trying to control aggressive, violent people who are handcuffed to the rear, but still manage to represent a significant threat to officers. When applied, the holdfast limb restraint provides officers considerably more control over violent subjects who resist when being placed into a Police vehicle. By design, the purpose of the Holdfast Leg Restraint is to restrict the ability of the offender to kick; this reduces the risk of injuries and damage to police vehicles considerably.

Holdfast Limb Restraints should only be used by individuals who have been trained in their use. They should always be applied as per training instruction and procedure of use by their organisation. These Limb Restraints come with a Molle Pouch, for suitable attachment to MOLLE webbing.


  • Genuine Protec restraint
  • Each strap approx. 125cm long
  • High visibility tabs for easy deployment
  • MOLLE Attachment Pouch
  • Used by UK Police Forces, Ministry of Defense and Border Force.
  • Reduce injuries to officers, the individuals being restrained, members of the public and damages to equipment and vehicles
  • Safely restricts movements of the offender

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