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Twin Pack Skeletal Insert - 1 x Right and 1 x Left

Product Code COMM180


Size - Available in Small Medium And Large

1 x  Left Ear & 1 x Right Ear

Upgrade your earpiece from a generic one-fits-all  ear bud to a
flexible molded skeleton insert for increased comfort and improved fit.
It is made with medical grade silicone making it soft, durable and


  • Comfortable - Making it suitable for prolonged periods of wearing on long shifts.
  • Stays put - Doesn't easily fall out as it is shaped like the inside of an ear.
  • Hygienic - Fits easily to any earpiece you are issued - allows air

circulation in the ear canal. This movement of air helps to stop the ear
heating and becoming itchy.

  • Available for both left and right ears. - Due to the shape you need

to make sure you order the side which you wear your earpiece.

  • Comes in 3 different sizes:Small (The average size for ladies)

Medium - (The average size for men) and Large. Please note: it is the
size of your inner ear.

  • Simple push-fit replacement.
  • To fit to your earpiece, just remove the ear bud and push the

Skeletal insert onto existing acoustic tubing via the L shaped joiner
used for your existing ear bud.

Price £4.99 ex. VAT

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  • Skeletal Insert Twin Pack 1 x Left and  1 x Right
  • Twin Skeletal Inserts - 1 x Left and  1 x Right
  • Twin Pack A Left And A Right - In Sizes : Small, Medium & Large
Skeletal Insert Twin Pack 1 x Left and  1 x Right Image Caption: Skeletal Insert Twin Pack 1 x Left and 1 x Right
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