Recycling of Body Armour 11-20 sets

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We recycle the the body armour vests and armour panels, stripping out the material that can be re-used in other manufacturing processes.

For example, the Aramid sheets that make up the layers in the body armour are shredded, unto it’s original fibres and is then used in brake pads.

Zips are stripped out and single material fabrics are separated for recycling.

We co-ordinate the whole process so that everything is controlled through the process.

  1. The client completes the disposal request form, which identifies the location for collection, the number of sets and make of body armour for disposal
  2. The form is emailed to
  3. We process the request contacting the client for any additional information and then coordinating secure collection via our courier
  4. Once collected the first step is to remove anything that could identify the organisation or wearer
  5. The vest and body armour panels are separated, we then start the work of stripping each material out to recycle.
  6. A certificate of disposal and waste transfer not can be provided on request

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Weight 11 kg